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Discerning the one

About two years ago, I met a guy who did all the things right: He bought me my favorite chocolates and a sweater in the exact color that I had pants to match without my asking. He shared how he had feelings for me in a very nice and mature way. And, he even offered to get rid of my stalker for me. Yet, he is not the one. I was never attracted to him and he smokes and does snuff. I really hate that.

The point is, a man can do wrong and still be right, just like a man can do right and still be the wrong one. It's on one hand, a vibe that we can bring into the bedroom, and on another hand, a decision that can be made fulfilling, when in a good place, with the man who simply meets the credentials. That can entail things like looks and age, but it can also include certain values and opinions, and most of all if he makes me smile and feel like a woman. And while online chatting could be fun, it's not at all my way of discerning. I want it to be more real than that. Only meetings in person are interesting to me.

My grandfather's sister, auntie Märtha, was only married once and loved only him, even after decades as a widow. She travelled, she had friends and fun, but she stayed true to her heart and died peacefully in her sleep. She is one of my role-models that I feel a little alike.

So, staying single for a while longer, it is.

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