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Drill dancing?

Today, I went to an IKEA close by where I live in Stockholm, Sweden, to return a shower rod, that just keeps falling down. I assume it's because it doesn't have a spring and not enough sturdy metal, so I bought a new one elsewhere. However, while I was standing on the platform for the subway, holding it, I suddenly got a flashback!

But this time, it was for a happy memory, I think. Or, is it something I don't remember about it? I instantly received an inner image of a white drillstick and came to think of when I was a little girl, how I was in awe of the girls marching in parades, with cute blue uniforms, white skirts, gloves and boots, while dancing with their stick. I just loved it and remember wanting to do that! I had totally forgotten, until today!

Here is a clip with drill dancing from my old hometown Lidköping in Sweden, whom I've just been in contact with a couple of days ago, to retrieve old records.

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