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Female or feminine?

Julie Daley has in her work with "Unabashedly female" made a distinction between using the term female rather than feminine. To me, female describes something that we can attribute our sex with, traits we are born with but might override in our patriarchal society, while feminine can be used to describe qualities we also can learn and be talented with regardless of our sex, but often attributed to our gender.

I chose the word feminine to see what I can develop more of with other role-models than my mother. This, to make sure to not exclude men or masculine qualities in comparison.

At the same time, I discovered a deep seated connection with a sacred female power, a source of spiritual nature. What if certain aspects are indeed female?

Each aspect shared in my book is meant to mirror my past as a story, while remembering that each also has a little of the other. Yin and Yang. Love and safety. Women's and men's roles, put into action!

Read more in Julie Daley's blog here.

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