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Female power

Today I had to attend a hearing with a Swedish administrative court, about keeping me in a psychiatric ward for another six months. I opposed this of course, since I've managed myself my entire life, and certainly have no psychosis. The threats I have felt are all real, and grounded in reality.

The interesting thing though, was that all of us attending (the psychiatrists, the attorney, the safeguard and the judge and her notary, were all women, but for one man in the three part jury). Female power and authorities at its best? The question now arises though, if it isn't so, that women tend to judge much stricter than men. I think that women tend to take on the role of men, which in turn enforces the patriarchy. All to live up to the position one fought to receive. To not have any men present, makes it discriminating in its own fashion. I believe in balance and that there are inherent qualities in one's gender that can affect one's performance, and how.

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