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Free at last?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

I went to Portugal in July 2019. I had been there for a short vacation in 2015 and found myself healed from my fear of having my head under water. We've been here when I was a toddler, and I remember photos of me sitting next to a swordfish, really happy. I wanted that happy back.

And I got it! The rebirth I was seeking in Hawaii, happened ten years after my mother passed, I had become Christian and collapsed. Soon I began to feel different, as if I was 20 years old again. Whole, well and free!

All that used to be internally making me sick, was no more. All happening outside of me instead, as if it's indeed something thrown at me. It's been quite fascinating and I have no idea how or why. It was cold at nights with less warmth indoors. I was still stalked, and still had little money to live on half the year. The Atlantic Sea? I stayed until November 20th 2020, when I was forced to go back to Sweden to attend a trial.

What's the difference then but location and spiritual significance? Don't know yet. I do know, that I'm more European than Swedish. And that I didn't become sick more than once during 16 months. Once, in comparison to three times per week in Sweden. Where would you then want to live? And where would you be able to work and contribute to society the best?

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