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From short to long hair

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Twenty years ago, I looked like this...

I cut my hair short when I was about 22 years old in 1992, after having been sexually assaulted and in need of a change. In hindsight, it was an attempt to cut him off, to cut off the experience, and in some way some of my femininity while still being trendy and fashionable. I was told I have a good face that can take most styles, which of course is something I'm grateful for. 

For many years, I have also been told I have great hair to style and many are those who wish they had mine. In some ways I also felt like I became less of a competitive threat to other women, including my girlfriends, when I had short hair. Ironically, they all wanted to explain my singlehood with the fact that I had short hair. But I think I got just as much male attention in short hair, not always by the ones I wanted or when I wanted...

After my mother had passed away and I was going to go to Hawaii in 2005, and thus not be able to go to my trusted hairdresser as often, I decided to grow it long. And I did.

Photo of me from 2002 at my mother's second wedding with and by my younger brother Peter Charpentier.

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