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Living single

Many of you, probably wonder why I'm not married and have children. The truth of the matter is, I haven't really had a chance to try. I have had to move around a lot, fighting for my survival even literally, and thus not been in a position to be in a sensual and welcoming mood, and not in a place to build a relationship. I'm also a firm believer, that we attract how we feel. So, if I feel bad about my situation, where I live, my conditions, and most of all being slandered and stalked - it would be the foundation for who I would attract. Do I want that? No, I don't. Not to mention, not knowing what the man stalking me would do. Am I supposed to introduce him to my date, if he stands outside my door, when we come home? Can I leave my home to even just run some errands without any more intrusions? This too, is part of my total contempt of the Swedish authorities. How can they devalue my life like this?

When I have my own little home again, where I can feel safe, and be my loving self, where I can invite someone over for dinner, I'm sure I will attract a decent man into my life, whether an American returning from the past, or a new person. I don't worry about it.

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