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Looking for inspiration?

If you are someone who is struggling to create content to your profile or even want to become an actual writer, then perhaps this list can be helpful to you. To find inspiration, you can:

* Strike up a conversation with a stranger

* Research a topic

* Look up synonyms and the opposite words

* Look at photos and reminisce about them

* Look at a map or think of a place you would like to visit

* Discuss any subject with your spouse or friends

* Go for a walk

* Do some physical chores (some of my best ideas for headlines came when I was at home ironing laundry)

* Exercise

* Relax and take a nap

* Describe what you see

* Read something and share your opinion about it

* Write a truthful review

* Watch a movie or TV-show

* Read a magazine or a book

* Google and scroll - what do you think when you read what someone else has posted? Share that.

* Try something new to eat or a piece of clothing to wear

* Listen to music

Or, if you're still stuck, you can contact me to coach your towards more creativity with my experience in copywriting.

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