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Making space

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Nowadays, I feel a connection and presence of my inner child daily. I'm so grateful for that and how this healing journey I've been on for many years, really works. What I've come to conclusion about, is in order to really being able to have myself land within, I need to have the space for her, for me. In my case, this has been about creating a bigger physical space. While, it wasn't planned, I've sought to gain weight and become fuller most of my adult life, and now I have, either because of entering menopause or due to the conditions I'm living in with a different type of stress management. I weigh about 77 kilos, ie 170 lbs instead of 60 kilos, ie 130 lbs. I do want to lose some and become more fit again, but all in all, this has enabled me to walk with a more straight back, with better posture (Posture was even my New Year's theme for 2022!), talk slower and feeling more grounded and present. And thus, perhaps this is necessary for my inner child to feel that my body is a safe haven for her, for my spirit and for my soul.

Making space, also means intellectually and emotionally of course. This means to have an awareness and awakened sense of her presence, to listen in and feel that I make decisions about when to rest, what to eat and wear and so forth, aligned with her best interest, as well as play outside. She is so much love! And by using a plush bunny, I can receive comfort through spirit and talk to my Higher self, thus the name Supercoach.

All love and nothing else.

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