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Making things that work

As a copywriter, we meet with a Product manager or Marketing manager to make a campaign for either an existing product, according to seasons, or for a new launch or change. We communicate this to either the customers and/or to the suppliers and share holders, depending on what type of business it is.

In the mid-90's, I worked at an advertising agency where we did things for Nestlé, their assortment of candies for example. And it was in this work, that I decided to start studying Organizational change. As with all previous campaigns, we designed and wrote various materiel to the stores to display the products. In this was mobiles included, ie signs that the stores can hang from the ceiling to attract customers with offers and prices. I went into one looking around for "our" signs but soon became disappointed. The owner explained that he can never use any of those mobile signs, since the alarm system would get off with its moving in the air, together with the AC. Can you imagine? Nestlé thus, has spent money on making something that never becomes used. I shared this of course, and they decided to make other store apparel from now on.

The point is, the miscommunication or rather lack thereof, is what can hinder businesses from selling. Other times with other businesses, it can be other issues. Often there is a gap between internal and external communication and it was this gap, I wanted to learn to overcome. Therefore, I started studying Workscience and Organizational Change, including Leadership, Innovation and Creativity, and Organizational behavior and culture.

The goodies, I still like.

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