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My copyright issue with Lionsgate

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Everything from how Piper Kerman walks into the unit carrying a pillow (how I described Janet), to characters, their back stories, and what is being said, like "woofing", seems like a complete rip-off and mix of my former blog Under the Wings of Freedom that I wrote in 2012-13, which had 10 000 readers as its most and what became edited into the book The Call for Divine Fathering 2014 and 2017, put into Orange is the new black.

It's easy to blame ICE, but the thing is, Lionsgate productions could have contacted me any time, and I would even have been able to return to the United States, or maybe not been deported, working with them. Not so sure I would want to, though. The financing of this series, came from a Jewish investor in NYC. Jenji Kohan is Jewish and so is Peter Lenkov, which gives a link to Hawaii for research.

And, why was my printed out documents with examples by the seconds from the first two seasons, stolen from my apartment in 2014, alongside other things during that year and following? Besides the stalking?

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