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My copyright issue with Löwengrip Care and Color

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

In late 2009 before I went back to the United States (Hawaii), I worked on updating my business plan and made a sketch for my own logo, using Microsoft Paint. I shared it with some organizations and people during 2010 and more online in 2011, getting ready to build my business together with my first book. Then in 2013, after having being forced to return to Sweden, I had a meeting with Coompanion, a start-up advisor for cooperatives and looked into building Telluselle Living Center in Stockholm instead, like I initially had planned in 2008. 

Instead, I was more sabotaged, stalked and silenced, besides my books, while Isabella Löwengrip and Pingis Hadenius plagiarised my logo for her own beauty-products without my permission or paying me, in the same year or later. Her LCC-products are not eco-friendly or biological but selling well I suppose given her positioning as someone famous because of her popular blog which she uses as a platform for marketing. Naturally, that was something I also did, already in Sweden, looking into differences between generations, but regardless I continued. Naturally it evoked my curiosity and I thought of her as someone I could Lifecoach and in turn also learn more about making money through a blog or work with, which is why I commented on it, also noticing that she seemed to read them. Yet, when I contacted her about her theft of my logo, intended for me to use for my business to make money on, for me and my colleagues, she just seemed to ignore it after an initial reply. It doesn't work like that. A logo is a very personal symbol for a company. So now, more measures have to be taken and I have also contacted the leading media-magazine Resumé.

In this case, it would be so easy to solve. Either by simply paying me directly for the illustration, as if I would still be working in the advertising field or compensate in other ways through a mutual agreement. Or, it cold be charged her company for its worth. Or I could sue her for damages for my worth. Fair enough?

If not, I can force her to have all Löwengrip Care and Color products removed from the market and force her to make new packages, while still having to reimburse me, perhaps including these five years of more sabotage and her own company's worth.

Which similarities do you see?

Obviously, I made a new one, which I might have made anyway at this time, but it doesn't make it right for her to use my old, since I also was obstructed and delayed because of. And cursed...

I intend to continue to use my name Telluselle as a personal brand, as registered with PRV (Patent and registry bureau) in 2005, meanwhile using this logo for my communication to not be confused.

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