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One Billion Rising

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

In 2013, I saw an emerging worldwide movement against violence towards women, that I really liked, so I started up a Facebook page for one of its Swedish events to take place. It's simply to dance instead of demonstrating. I love this! We empower ourselves with joy and expressing our stance though art, instead of fighting with posters. We weren't that many, but at least we did it!

In 2014, it became a huge gathering at another spot, but unfortunately without any dancing, since nobody wanted to - so common in Sweden, I'm sad to say - and some famous people held speeches instead, loosing the purpose. In 2015, nobody wanted to practice and I had just become severely slandered in the news, so after that, I took down the page for Stockholm. In 2019, I danced again, but this time in Frankfurt, Germany.

More about this movement can be found here. Choreography by legendary Irene Cara!

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