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Questioning the fundamentals

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

After I had been forced to return to Sweden, I went through my book manuscript for "The Call for Divine Mothering" and wrote down my new experiences from being incarcerated into another blog. It made me feel like everything was put upside down. Like my entire belief system had changed. Could I continue standing up for believing in the Sacred Feminine, while resorting to the Bible for many of my questions? This became an inner conflict, that I'm aiming to resolve with my third book "The Call for Divine Harmony", hence two aspects seemingly at odds, just like most things are in life. In contrast. The moving between two sides, is life and where creation happens. But, how do I create a bridge?

I have to break down my thoughts into the fundamentals. What do I really believe in and why? What is my absolute own opinion and deal-breakers? And what do I carry with me into the world and offer as my contribution? Can I even hold onto my own beliefs and start new relationships with them, as well as keep my old? I have had to isolate myself on purpose to become clear. This is also why I felt it was really good to go exploring in Germany and Portugal, a little. To reconnect with my family's history and core, but on my own. The result became a better alignment into my real self and my original journey.

So, I'm letting a new idea gestate into expression. All in all, I think it's a matter of method vs vision. I can decorate my office and home, according to the principles of Feng Shui, that makes me feel safe and relaxed, enjoying what I find beautiful, without giving away my power to any symbols, whether dragons, goddesses or the cross. The ultimate sense of faith, I believe, must be in our truest essence, bare from any outer attempts of winning my loyalty. God, and only God, has my ultimate loyalty, although together with the people I hold in my heart.

Harmony is created through making combinations.

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