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Recalling a pivotal moment

Today, I remembered something in a relationship I've had, coming forth after contemplating an Instagram post by Teal Swan here. I remembered that when I had asked Chris Davis to come with me to the dentist in Honolulu in January 2005, to get sedated, and to be able to return to Waikiki Beachside hostel where he was working, and I was staying at, I went to meet with him in the lot at a set time, but whining without reason, because I was so afraid that he would stand me up. When in fact, he had taken time off, and even carried me up the stairs and run for medicine to me, when we came back.

Why I was so distrustful, was of course because I have had a relationship with someone I used to date for a while in Sweden, who was quite unpredictable and did stand me up once, although with an explanation. My reaction to Chris therefore became a reaction to what I've been through with Jens, when it of course also was at a crucial time. Thus, to rebuild trust, we have to test a similar situation with someone new to not be caught in history and instead heal. Often, we react based on our history, rather than the present. Mahalo Chris!

(More about this is shared in my first book "The Call for Divine Mothering ~ applying the keys to paradise" in the chapter entitled ~ Care ~. And more about what happened when I returned in 2010, can be read in my second book "The Call for Divine Fathering ~ flying with the feathers of the eagle ~". Photo snitched off Facebook.)

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