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The antidote to drama

Whenever I had become stressed out and felt afraid, while I was detained at FDC Honolulu, I used to stand and look out the narrow window in my cell, and especially at a tree. I connected with the tree from a distance, remembering the sensation of its soft leaves and raw bark, and invigorating breath beneath it. It's without a doubt what kept me sane, through my detachment from the drama.

I still connect with nature in a similar fashion, especially after being in conflict with authorities or simply other people. There is something with reality that most people just plain avoid, refusing to face reality is by far the most threatening thing to our civilization. To see things at face value, to listen to others with respect, and assume that whatever they're sharing is true, especially when backed up with facts, is the only way to solve problems and create progress in society. There is this weird reluctance, at least in Sweden, to really talk about things, to really answer, to be concrete and meet in actual dialogues. Is it more important to be right, than to acknowledge what is true? I see a looming inclination to be more concerned about people's opinions than what they have an opinion about. It's how I've been slandered in Sweden. I don't know. I can only be me. I stand firmly rooted in truth and reality. And the best antidote to drama to me, is still to connect with trees.

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