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The meeting of chakras

I keep feeling like I get caught in the middle of love and sex, whenever I meet men, who show me interest. It seems like men, mostly, are driven by sexual attraction they want to live out. While I can sense that too, I don't think it's the way to create a loving relationship.

To create love, we must begin with love. With caring, with being thoughtful, keeping the distance somewhat, and letting it grow. When we love someone dearly, making love then becomes the natural manifestation. But, then again, we can also love without having sex.

This in turn, reminds me of the good about socialising with gay men, from time to time. To relish in their adoration and fun, with hugs that mean nothing but reassurance. I used to say that there are only 4 types of men: Assholes, Wimps, Gay, or Married. The fascinating thing, ironically, is that whenever a man divorces, he tends to fall into one of the other categories anyway. Yeez!

Or is it simply so, that we can become attracted on various levels, through the meeting of chakras that correspond to our energy on that specific level (intellectually, physically, emotionally and/or spiritually). Alas more than one must fit for it to become fruitful. We can even simply love based on someone's personality that we find appealing and that is always unique, when we are free from patterns.

How do you feel? What drives your relationships?

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