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The message from Snowy owl

Before I became a more devoted Christian, I liked delving into stories about Native American Shamanism and their use of Poweranimals. In short, it's believed that each animal carries a certain attribute (or power) that we can learn from and use, or even borrow with shapeshifting. While I've had a couple of different ones, the Owl has always been significant to me, since I was called "Little Owl" by my parents as a little girl, who uttered much wisdom and truths, they didn't know where it came from. I therefore even carried a feather in my wallet (that unfortunately later became stolen), that I had asked for from a nearby park for Swedish animals. Owls are believed to be able to see the dark.

On my way to borrow a computer at the university downtown Malmo, in the south of Sweden, a snowy night in 2009, I found a feather on my own, that seemed to be from a Snowy owl. When I sat with it, asking for its message to me, the answer that came, was that all conflicts in the world still are about food and that we must tend to the little ones, so the bigger ones can have their meals, rather than just focus on their magnificence. I had, myself, been in financial troubles for a couple of years with delayed deposits and thus payments etc, wherefore this too seemed to speak to me personally, and was one of the reasons why I was so happy to get more student loan and be able to go back to Hawaii.

When I later became detained at Honolulu Federal Detention Center 2011-12, on Thanksgiving Day, a Snowy Owl showed up at one of the runways at the airport, right by where FDC Honolulu is located. That in turn also became a message. I read about it a couple of weeks later, so when it actually happened, I didn't know. The US Marshals tried to catch the owl and have it fly, but it didn't, so they shot it. That same night was when I suddenly felt a surge of power, a positive energy inside the SHU, as if I was given back my mojo. A couple of weeks later, another Swedish woman showed up at FDC Honolulu, named Hedvig! She in turn, also became a message for what the Swedish authorities would persecute me with.

In Hawaii, the indigenous tradition is to see how our ancestors can come down in spirit-form, to warn us through certain animals like owls and sharks. In fact, when I was at the animal park in south of Sweden and visited their owls from the north, I imagined they were my late grandparents.

Feathers are for writing.

Photo borrowed by Deviant Art.

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