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The exchange of energy

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

I believe that we can give and take energy from each other. The most common way is through money. On a more metaphysical level, it's a matter of subtle signals. After some meetings we might feel drained, whereas others can wire us up for hours after. Everything happens together of course. The levels might change depending on the interaction. Most of us, I think, are agreeing on these experiences when it comes to regular meetings in person.

Since many years, I have also experienced this phenomena at a distance. One of the most common examples, that you too probably have experienced, is thinking of someone suddenly and then that person calls you. Or you call them, and they say that they just thought of you. This is the result of an exchange of energy. Of thoughts that creates energy. It's also how the law of attraction is considered working.

Many times, I have felt the same thing with e-mails or regular letters in the mail, such as formal decisions when they are being decided, checked by comparing physical sensations and symptoms with dates. But, this can also become interfered with. Think of an exchange of energy as a railroad track that travels the energy back and forth. To make the communication as effective and smooth as possible, we pull ourselves in and become more present. Alas, we stop thinking about others, and other things, and cease giving these persons and things energy. But, they feel that, and want us back, more energy, more attention. A regular interruption in person in a regular physical conversation is nothing we consider mystical or strange. Annoying often and changing our mood and energy vibration, but it happens. I'd like to attest that, the same can happen in silence from a distance by someone trying to get in the way, whether for better or for worse. For better can be felt as a reassurance and a blessing, while the worse is someone putting themselves in our path as an obstacle, feeling like a curse.

Stones are often considered to carry energy of a certain kind, called crystals. And while everything alive in the world is vibrating with energy, it's only what we charge them with ourselves, with our intention and expectations, that becomes their attributes. The photo shows a Selenite, that I bought in Cascais, Portugal 2015, for its beautiful lustre and smooth finish. It also reminded me of an old Swedish TV-series for children, where they play about a white rock, that I loved watching and playing, growing up. But prayers, watchdogs, and other humans, are what can protect us, not rocks.

My first relationship to a gemstone, was a Moonstone in the mid 90's, when I just had started practicing Qigong and was learning how to perceive energy in my hands. I can still do that; I can sense a subtle pulse in a gemstone, just like I felt it on a larger scale, when I hiked on lava on Big Island 2004, as shared in my book The Call for Divine Mothering. Vibrations, or perhaps a permeating spirit, through all nature.

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