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The number 911

When I was detained by ICE in Honolulu 2011-12, I was placed in a federal prison and given the number 13911-022. It startled me, because of the significance of the date 9/11, especially since the United States have implemented stricter immigration laws as a result thereof, referred to as The Patriot Act. 911, is also the number called for emergencies, just like the abbreviation ICE also can stand for In Case of Emergency, besides Immigration Customs Enforcement. During my stay in Honolulu, I came across the book Angelnumbers by Doreen Virtue, who had attributed various meanings to each. And, 911 can also be seen as the 9th of November, which signifies the beginning of the Jewish extinction during WWII, called the Pogrom, which I personally can relate to as much as that my grandmother Maria, had a prison number tatooed on her forearm.

In my family, we have often put a significance on dates, since my grandfather Åke shared his birthday with my father on April 30th, which also marks Walpurgis night, as well as being the birthday of our Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf. Add thereto, that my mother was born on the 13th, and that her mother, was very superstitious.

All this has been part of forming my belief system, as well as later, faith. Therefor, I've chosen to see being given this number, as a sign from God to voice my experiences, since I'm a professional copywriter, which is part of why I sent a report to UNOHCHR in 2014 and wrote the book The Call for Divine Fathering.

Unfortunately, the witch-hunt on me by Swedish authorities, which I, together with other things, call persecution, included that the Social security personnel thought that this was psychosis in 2014 and tried to have me in forced care, without ever telling me why. It's not at all! Or, should all people in the world, who believes that the number 13, especially on a Friday, constitutes bad luck, also be locked up in mental institutions?

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