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The process to heal your soul

To heal your soul from a trauma, there are various steps you can take. First you need to acknowledge that you have been going through something that you perceived as threatening and thus traumatic at the time of the event. Remember, for example, that what we go through as children may seem more frightening than when we're adults. But, it can even be that we try to suppress it more as adults, not wanting to come off as victims. However, we are.

For this process, I use these questions:

  1. What happened?

  2. Why did this happen?

  3. How does this make you feel?

Then, feel it. Then, forgive it (yourself and others). And then find compassion by empathising with yourself and with others. By reflecting on why something happened, you can see how you might have contributed to the situation and thus take responsibility for that and improve. You can also see what isn't your fault at all, and thus lessen any survivor's guilt. Perhaps, you can even see something that you learned from it, or another new opportunity that arose from it. That would then be the blessing in disguise.

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