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The road to equality

When I was about to begin our Swedish form of High School, I was encouraged to apply for one of the STEM majors, preferably technology since they were short on girls. It's just one problem. I have no interest at all in those subjects, neither am I any good at it. So, I chose the language based class for my 10th-12th grades, where we ended up being 24 girls, and one guy.

During my detention, I have also noticed how women naturally like to do our hair and make-up and focus on that, while men rather play a computer game. I'm pretty sure that I would be more than welcome to play too, but do I want to drive fast with a joystick or run around killing someone on a screen? No, not at all, so why should I?

I'm glad I didn't become a victim of quota in some affirmative action attempt. I'm happy to be a woman, who likes to putter at home and organize my closet. It's the quota, that becomes wrong. Every time, someone is chosen based on their gender, or race, or sexual preferences, you are enforcing the differences. You are either chosen to, or not chosen because of. Either way is discrimination, in your favor, or against.

What we need to focus on, is equal worth and equal standing, while we encourage people to live as they are naturally inclined and skillful at. Women are better at certain things and men at others. Women are interested in certain things and men in others. But, we should have the same opportunities and make them count!

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