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The Swedish envy

Updated: May 17, 2022

I am a very lucky woman, since I rarely have been envious. Perhaps, I have simply gotten my needs met, and sometimes even fought to, so when I do, why would I want what someone else has? In Sweden, however, there is an old tradition of envy. A way of showing off something bigger and better than your neighbour's. Some people buy things, or go places, just because they want others to become envious of them! How ridiculous. I would never. In fact, seeing through others' attempts to, just gave me back even more of my own energy, propelling me further towards my own stable future.

What do we become envious of and why? Money, love, things? Travel, freedom, experiences? Looks, talent? I just want my own. What do you want? Are you envious of me?

You can read more about transforming envy into gratitude here.

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