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To be continued

Paulo Coelho once wrote how he sees feathers as a sign to write something. I too notice feathers sometimes, but I look at them differently.

To me, a small white feather is a confirmation of angels' presence. And bigger feathers, a confirmation of something that I have written, was pleasing to God.

This feather here, landed on my narrow windowsill, on the third floor, the day before my birthday.

How do we know what to write? It always depends on why you write and to whom. Writing comments, shares our opinions about what someone else has written, an answer to. A blog like this, is my forum to share content that simply further and deepen what I've shared in my books about me and my life journey, with the add of Lifecoaching tips to potential clients. And my private writing is a way to clarify my journey to myself. Assignments, writing that I do for others, are simply only for them to have on their websites and advertising material.

There is always something that can be said, shared and expressed, whether the same again or from another angle. It's what we carry and then release. A process of understanding life with the add of more experiences and new knowledge, and to dream of something new.

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