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To love...

So many of us chase the feeling love, to be loved and showing that. Thousands of photos of projected happiness. To me, the greatest love is a verb, it's an action in doing; to love. There are so many things we can love. We can love nature and all the beautiful trees, flowers, birds and other animals. We can love the sky, the sun and the moon. And we can love children playing, a couple holding hands, or the intimate stroke by a relative. It's all here, available all the time. You need not to chase feeling loved, you just need to start loving.

Try as you might, you probably oppose me with gruesome details that this would be impossible. No, even more so then, I say. In harsh conditions, like in a prison or in a war, our needs are put on display with so much more authenticity, so much more true vulnerability, that it would be unbearable, not to love. To love is a tool for our survival.

And then we have the caveat, that we are supposed to love ourselves before we can love someone else. How is this possible? Well, if you have faith, you can feel loved by God. But most of all, as soon as you have met yourself and what you are made of, you have no other choice than to become understanding and forgiving, to develop self-compassion. To take your inner child by the hand, and love her more than anything. You're all she depends on now.

It's my belief, that once we have mastered the ability to really love ourselves, we can let this overflow and expand to embrace others, as well as earth. And so we can lead by compassion.

To feel love, is the reward of being loving.

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