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Uniting the feminine and the masculine within

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Our biology is one thing, our gender identity is another. The purpose of healing this in society isn't about redefining either, but to learn how to unite our various traits, and let what is needed become what is emphasized at the time.

In my two books, I've proposed a set of qualities that can be attributed to our feminine and to our masculine sides, by both looking at men and women in general, how I was brought up and thus formed my needs. Balancing these two, is what creates harmony.

In The Call for Divine Mothering, I suggest that these aspects constitute the ingredients for the kind of love that mothers can give: Respect, honesty, integrity, acceptance, trust, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness, compassion, kindness, care, tenderness, softening our Ego, humility, courage, validation, desire, joy, light, consciousness, hospitality and dialogue and must be present to affirm our femininity. This, however, doesn't exclude men from having these attributes too. But perhaps, they must work more on bringing these forth, and use them in relationship to themselves and others (and ultimately Mother Earth) more firmly.

In The Call for Divine Fathering, I share how many abused women tend to exaggerate their masculine traits in order to compensate for not receiving these in healthy ways growing up. I further propose that these aspects constitute the kind of safety a father can provide: Safety, freedom, protection, strength, knowledge, power, authority, provision, fairness, willingness, determination, action and responsibility. Since many of us have taken on a mission, perhaps to feel more equal, to be strong and self-sufficient, we might not always allow ourselves to receive these by men. And just like with the feminine aspects, not only men have these. To cope and let ourselves be guided meanwhile, we must look to our Heavenly Father and have faith.

So, to bring about more harmony, the individual self must find a way to unite these sides in an ever constant flow, in dialogue with the world we live in. To do so, require us to heal and bring forth our inner children, that I hope to share more about in my next book: The Call for Divine Harmony. And then finally, live in a better balance as adults.

Loving both. Having sex with either.

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