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What is Eco-feminism?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I first came across the term Eco-feminism, when I was a graduate student in Organizational Change at Hawaii Pacific University 2010. Ever since, I have felt that this is a view that fits me like a glove. So, what is eco-feminism?

In short, Eco-feminists believe that Mother Earth has been raped, abused and taken advantage of, in a similar fashion like women have. That a woman's body can be viewed as synonymous with the body of Mother Earth. This is further believed to have a bearing on how we look at, and treat nature accordingly.

My Dad wrote a book in the mid-80's called "Raped country", in which he refers to Afghanistan being invaded. And likewise, other authors claim that Eco-feminism holds an ambition to develop a way of leadership based on feminine principles, rather than just employ women into our current patriarchal structure. This in turn, uses the view on organizations as organic, ever changing systems, rather than the other more hierarchical stale entity, that have been so common. This however, can be fitting in a society like ours, depending on the scope and purpose of the organization's mission.

Read more in my book "The Call for Divine Mothering."

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