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Worthy of love

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Every time I have thought about worthiness, as part of one's self-esteem, I have always translated this to be synonymous with money. To feel abundant, prosperous and worthy of the same. This has also been a stumbling block in my life, until about a decade ago, which I've shared in my books. However, yesterday, when I listened to this Archangel Chamuel activation, it struck me that I should also look into feeling worthy of love.

I do feel loved by God, and have an intimate Divine connection though spirit, anchored in faith. But, why am I not then in a romantic relationship? Well, first of all, I am not living where I want to, and second, I don't want just any romantic relationship to just show off, where many seem to be built on our Ego's needs and behavioral patterns, which I've worked on breaking, and changing. Healing myself first. That too is love!

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