• Hannah Telluselle

A love lesson on the journey

One of the guys I met in Honolulu in 2004 and 2005 (whom I met again in 2010), was once fondled by his nanny growing up. I was actually told this by a shared friend of ours at first but even so, it did help me understand some of why and how he would touch me. Gently at times, too close and stiff at others and not really with an open bodylanguage. The same of course can be applied on understanding my own behavior. He later became a massage therapist which I look upon as very healing. And how many years it has taken me to dare "come on to" a man in person again the "right" way and see it working after this realization in 2012 when I had met someone to try again. (More in my books "The Call for Divine Mothering" and "The Call for Divine Fatherring".)

Late last night I released some of that grief and abuse that I was subjected to in my early teens by a summer-family. And reported her.

Brave! It is. The bravest thing is not being a strong leader (which I too can be) but to admit in feeling how much of a real victim I have been and how victimized I had become. Feeling it first enables us to release it. All in due time and in safety.

How do you behave and why? What can you do to return to the good wholeness from which all life emerged? With love to present time.


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