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How do I write?

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

It is a matter of choosing to make an impression or an expression. To create Art or to create Sales, or have both. To use different resources and approaches coming from within.

I have learned how to write to fit the media that the text is going to be published in, ie changing the style, language, tone of voice, number of words and content chosen to fit specifically to each type of publication space, whether brochure, website, book, speech, presentation or commercial. This is often referred to as being a good craftswoman with long-lasting results inside a team of creatives who together with our clients decide who is the target group and which media to choose. So how do I write?

For professional assignments, copywriting, it is a process of doing research with both the facts and feelings about a product, service and company, as well as the user and how it is used, preferred improvement and to whom, whether reading up about it or interviewing people.

When it comes to academic writing, a similar process is used alongside the methodology required to be examined and evaluated on the same level as others in our field, that in turn can be turned into reports and articles for spreading the result.

When it comes to fiction, we can draw a plot and think beforehand what we would like to say and with the right attitude allowing the flow to lead us, the book soon will start writing itself but perhaps with a different result than what we first thought.

Sometimes I just feel something and want to express myself which most often releases me of the feeling and the energy that comes with it, often resulting in a blogpost, letter or a poem. Here is where we start journeying within such as with the use of journals without censoring ourselves in private.

And sometimes, often when relaxed in the morning waking up, or during and after meditation and going for a walk, I receive an inspiration, an insight or simply something already clearly worded that I just write down and share, for example as my own quote or headline.

Each text is communicating something. If you want to write like me, just write what you would like to say with sincere authenticity. Dare to edit and dare not to.  Allow it to arise. Now, go and get yourself a journal!

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