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Authored by inspiration

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

I am a storyteller. Everywhere I go, there is a story waiting to be told, to unfold. It might be just my own reaction to someone or something, or it might simply be something said, that sounds important. Timely for many. Or for me to get the clue to my next step on my journey.

When I write, I let my impressions be expressed, before they come and sit in my body. Letting it all flow through me onto the computer screen or a sheet of paper. Harboring nothing. 

When I talk, I blow air into the seed which then grows for me to expand and blossom, rather than become cornered into creating more drama by others questioning, often for the sake of their own mistrust or to feel better about themselves. It must be that, I reckon, as their motivation. Talking is giving energy to the topic. And the person! Exchanging equally at best.

When I dance, I have found a feeling that grows within me like a wave, seeking its release, or its built up inspiration to fire away a motion sharing an experience. 

Whether I talk, write or dance, it is through the feeling a story becomes. And sometimes I dare myself to keep holding it within for a while. To see where it leads me, to dare being more in the moment. To instead dance the invisible dance of a silent dialogue of energies with others.

What is your story? And how do you tell it?

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