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A personal example of Ho'oponopono

Since 2014, I have felt judged and completely misinterpreted, in ways of distortion, by Swedish psychiatrists, who write medical records about my health with false facts. They have stated things like the wrong name of my university studies and how many years, that I made an abortion, which I never have, that I supposedly was a year behind in Elementary school, when I in fact was a year ahead, and alleging what I've been subjected to myself, such as physical stalking and burglary, should be deemed a symptom of my mental illness. They also have said the wrong year of my loosing my home, which I did in October 2009, not 2008, and when I worked the latest. Then they add that I had sued the United States and how bad FBI has been against me into a Dr's note, which neither is true. I have sued a university in the US in 2011 and I have received help against a male stalker by the FBI, but not treated badly at all. I have also reported the US to the UN for immigration detentions, but not sued. As a copywriter, I feel appalled by these insinuations and how I have become treated accordingly.

How on Earth can I reconcile this, more than to appeal and report it? This too, has been concluded as if I wanted to appeal all the time, when it to me, is total disrespect by Swedish authorities. A disrespect, and threat to, my life.

Yesterday however, it dawned upon me that I can locate a harm by me, summarized as wrongful conclusions. The question then, from a Hawaiian forgiveness perspective, is to see if I have ever made wrongful conclusions about others. Of course I have! Most of us probably have. So, what I did then, was simply tune in to my heart and said the Ho'oponopono prayer asking for forgiveness of those occasions where I have been wrong.

Forgiveness is power.

And now I pray for a correction of records.

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