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Forgiving ourselves

Imagine that you have a bowl of light inside of you. This is how it is in Hawaiian mysticism and Hawaiian traditional healing. Each negative thought, word or action, is like a rock that weighs you down and obscure the light. To reclaim our light, and thus being able to also forward it into our relationships with one another, we need to clear out our bowl. To purify our spirit this way, enable us to be a cleaner channel for the Divine and thus incorporates not only healthy eating and elimination, but examining what we feed our soul, heart and spirit with.

Anything that someone else has called you, that you really feel has been hurtful, is also a rock that you can examine and clean out. Was there any truth to their insult? Can you learn something from it? Is there something you can do to earn back his or her trust, or simply improve your own behavior?

Anything you have told yourself is also a rock that you can release back into the earth. Which negative comments or unwanted emotions are you holding onto and why? By asking yourself of forgiveness, these rocks, these opinions and resentment, can be released and purified back into light.

When we speak with honest integrity and are aligned through our heart and action, we are being pono.

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