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Karma: a call for forgiveness

Most religions assume a stance of not harming others and you shouldn't harm yourself either. If you have, you need to acknowledge this and apologise. But! Only a true apology with a changed behavior, will be counted as forgiveness and can raise your karma. Karma to me, is all about our communication and actions and how these have an effect on others. Taking responsibility for this, enable you to feel part of the world in a greater sense, as well as fostering a good standing with God and realise how we're interdependent. How do you then get started?

Think of something that is feeling hurtful to you. Are you going through any hardships in life? What could be the spiritual reason behind these? I can for example, ask myself this in regard to money. I used to be a bit trapped inside a spending cycle on credit, that rather made me overspend than halt. Now, that I've received grants several years in a row, as well as had my own little part-time salary this passed year, I don't feel as much of a need to buy things the way I used to, even though I've been able to give myself an upgrade in many ways. As if not having money, simply increased the need to buy more. No wonder, then perhaps, that I've had problems attracting positive decisions in regard to. Therefore, I must pray for forgiveness of my debts and not having been able to pay, as well as be the one now giving to others in need, when I can.

Hopefully, I can even share some big news in this area soon!

Who and what do you need to forgive? To learn more about the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness, click here.

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