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Becoming a clear channel

In order to be able to really communicate what we think and feel in our talk, we must first become real with ourselves. Daring to feel, and express that. Allowing for a creative mindset, and express that. As I've come to understand it, we can also add our spirit to the communication. That is, our own spirit. Sometimes when I've held a speech, I have felt something overcome me to my aid, as if the pure concentration perhaps do so, or the Holy spirit comes to assist me. I say things that are the right thing to say, but emerging in a flow more than what I've prepared.

However, I have also come to understand that we must be really grounded and all that meditation and striving for purity, also could be that we float away, even leave partially, and open ourselves up to other spirits. If we only eat light food like vegetables and fruit, that I've seen others do, I don't think they are grounded. And I think that we all are connected through Higher consciousness, but not everybody are aware of this. The spiritual realm, however, is at another level. So, since a couple of years back, I've almost stopped meditating in favor of only praying in church and at home, and of course doing my regular yoga and dance practices, with the add of qigong now and then. And when I do sit down to meditate, my mind becomes still directly.

To be part of this life, we must immerse ourselves into the drama. Not escaping it as detached onlookers, because then it's what we become. What we can learn to do, is to bring more awareness and presence.

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