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Believing in angels

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

I'm not quite sure when I started believing in Angels. I think I've always believed in a power greater than myself, God. But, it wasn't until I lived in Honolulu, HI my fourth time there, that I felt like I could exclaim it in full faith.

The first time, I felt an ancestral presence, was when I was really sad after a bad break-up that also brought with it, loosing my job. It was in 1995 and I was sitting on the floor in my apartment, ready to just give up on life. Then I suddenly felt like my paternal grandmother Margaretha was showering me with crystals. Like I landed on black velvet, being refilled with light. I had reached the bottom, but it was soft. Not more than a couple of months later, I also felt the presence of my late mentor Henri, shortly after he had passed on. It would take another two decades though, until I perceived the presence of my grandfather Åke and my mother Rose-Marie. It's a feeling similar to how it's to hear, and feel, someone in a room next to yours.

Angels though, are of a different kind. Soft spirits that are like feathers, without names. They must be, since we depict them thus. Others claim that angels can be perceived as light phenomena in photos. I think they exist. I pray to one of the Archangels every day, just like I pray to God and Mother Mary.

There has been countless of occasions that I've experienced help when needed through others, or simply like a confirmation of doing the right thing, or feeling warned when I've been out walking. Angels to me. I simply must be allowed to believe.

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