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Blessings and curses

Have you ever felt blessed? A certain type of reassurance, grace, care and friendliness, shown you by others, not common every day? It's like a corridor, a pathway opening, underneath the looming clouds. A feeling of being protected, with a sense of relaxed freedom in your space. A sense of flow.

And then the opposite occurring. Isn't it natural to also feel cursed at, at other times? Like a fearful darkness closing in, with conflicts or ignorance abounding around you, and a pull at your stomach making you feel sick. A sense of constriction.

To me, this is God and Satan being at war with each other, influencing humans. The question is, what is wilfully expressed and done for us, or against us, by other humans, and what is being filtered through without awareness. In Hawaii, there is a legend about how the volcanic goddess Pele can curse people, especially if they take a piece of lava with them. Is she a spiritual energy beyond our comprehension, or is it our collective belief growing so strong, it becomes true? Then, let's first solve what humans are doing towards each other. What is done through prayers, and what is part of a bigger plan, that we have no control over, more than our free will? What if, all those people seeking to "manifest through the law of attraction", instead thought of how they can be of service and support to others, and therethrough also become served and supported. What if, this world just simply needs more collaboration?

Perhaps, this is a little like Yin and Yang. Both constantly being in motion, with a little of each within, some more at some times and less at others. Is Satan Yin and God Yang? Or, did God create both?

Being heart centred in prayer, enable us to feel the difference.

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