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Stopping more crucifixions

Since it's Easter, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind myself and others of the mission of Jesus. We all know that we are to love ourselves and our neighbours, yet wars still abound. Why is that?

To me, it's a powerplay based on fighting to be right, rather than solving problems. Fights to exercise authority over others, against their will and without proper dialogue. A proper dialogue, is a conversation conducted in a manner where both are deemed equally important and worthy, with equal respect and non-judgment. A dialogue requires an open mind and heart, where the focus is on solving, or improving, something, rather than be the one "winning" an argument and "be right" with more popularity. Not seldom, is this also accompanied by speaking badly about the other, or even harming the one assumed "wrong", without respecting the truth. Thus, we still crucify others, especially media and bullies do.

On another note, we've learned that Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us. Are we therefore led to believe that some people should be sacrificed on behalf of others; ie at the expense of others? Who are to decide that? Only God should.

How can this be loving?

Illustration made by Jack Pachuta.

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