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Bridging faiths

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

I have one foot on the Shamanic path and one on the Christian. I wasn't sure how to combine the two, as I set my sails for my third longer stay in Honolulu in 2010. But there, I came to meet with a couple of Hawaiian practitioners and other healers, as well as ministers, who made it possible for me to merge the two.

I look upon Jesus as a healer, a shaman, and by praying to God first (and every day) I align both. It's a matter of finding common ground and remove all that isn't, such as astrology, tarot cards and talismans. I don't wear these necklaces in some effort to be protected by gold, but because they symbolise what I believe in, what I worship, and ultimately who I am in a fashionable way. I've also liked Buddhism for a long while, since my mother studied and practiced it, and because my fourth name by birth was Yasodhara (named after Buddha's wife). Hence, it became easy for me to learn how to do qigong and to chant. But, this too, is just another tool, another method, to heal and live a life of light and service. By keeping the purpose pure, everything else falls away.

What unites these faiths and ideologies, is a reverence for nature and a respect for God, and to practice loving-kindness and compassion as much as possible. "Love thy neighbor, as lthyself", equals to "Live Aloha", to me.

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