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Creating a personal brand

When I was leaving the advertising business to go and study at the university in the late 90's, I was looking to find something that could enable to both build my own personal brand and also help others to. This has its foundation in combining regular marketing strategies with our own soul searching that enable us to create our own identity, rather than just follow the crowd with what has been assumed us by society and our own upbringing. Creating a personal brand thus, is about creating a real sense of identity that we build our external expression on. This is why I changed my last name to Telluselle, to reflect who I am and believe in, as well as what I would like to build and offer with it.

To find out who you really are, you need to take into account your faith, who you believe you are in your own most intimate essence. Then, you add your competence that has been acquired through your education and your experience. Answering questions like these can help:

Which skills are you good at?

What is the message you would like the world to hear and why?

Which values do you try to live by?

Which brands do you yourself feel aligned with in the marketplace and why?

What is your style?

What is a unique quality, or set of qualities, you think you possess?

How do you communicate your interest and your wishes?

Together this becomes part of your personal branding. To delve into this deeper, send me a message to book a coaching session!

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