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Dealing with media

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

First the pandemic and now war in Ukraine. It might be difficult and scary to watch the news. And at the same time, we become warned about disinformation and how even former President Trump was blocked by Twitter. Who and what can we then trust?

Worth to remember, is that all media likes to present drama. They thrive on presenting a victim and an offender. And often by repetition and shares, images grow to affect us into even a mass psychosis. Since I have both worked in, and studied, media, I can look at it a little more from the outside, and be less affected. And it's the studying at a high university level, that enables me to combine my intellect with my heart, to see and understand what is unfolding, step by step.

So, my tip to deal with media, is to always look for direct sources. A direct source can for example be an interview, or a speech, coming directly from a close by observer. The analyses that follow are for the most part, bias by anchors or politicians wanting to further their careers, just as the image of the perpetrator is something he too wants to uphold, with notoriety. Having this in mind, allow you to develop a healthy critical mindset.

Look, but don't be so moved. Be your best self, so you can be of best service. And solve your own conflicts.

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