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Doing shadow work

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Among most, within the fields of personal growth and healing, as well as in therapy, it's an important component to do shadow work. What this means, is simply to look into what it is in others, especially those we either adore or hate, that they show, that we aren't acknowledging within ourselves.

For example, for some years I denied my yearning to be on stage. I had succumbed to remain behind the screen with my writing, even though I used to love both acting, dancing, and singing in groups, as well as enjoyed local fame. When my mother's health deteriorated, I grasped after what we both used to love, and thus I started to take dance classes again.

Another example, is why I hated a man, I used to be involved with. I came to hate him, because I had loved him and lost my power, that included my job. But it also enabled me to reclaim my power, with more awareness and stepping out of the victim role, that I had lived in for many years, prior to meeting him.

Shadow work is also necessary to be able to forgive. By admitting to our own unwanted emotions and examples of what we have expressed or suppressed ourselves, we can extend our compassion from a stand of sincerity. We can relate, and thus, empathize, for real.

What is lurking in your shadow? What is it about others, that you either love or hate? Which traits do they have in your eyes? Are these sides what you have turned a blind eye to within yourself? And what are you denying so strongly, that you project it?

See your greatness. And see your humanity.

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