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Having premonitions

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

The more interfered we are by others, especially those who goes against our natural path of health, the more instincts we develop. To me, so called premonitions are instincts, perhaps deriving from motherly instincts and expanded, when we don't have children to tend to. I feel it in my stomach, and often beginning with an energy that isn't mine, and not friendly. Simply guided by fear as we should. Sometimes I have certain types of dreams or see things resembling in clouds, but that usually are reflections of impressions. Learning to feel energy and others' intentions, comes through my qigong practice, I believe, paired with interest of course.

My grandmother Maria, was also told of having certain tellings of weather changes and when money is on its way for example.

On the other hand, when we experience positive feedback, or simply live uninterrupted, we can feel more access to our intuition and thus a greater sense of flow.

To care about others is to never be an obstacle between where we are and our goals, and to respect others' instincts and intuition. To respect another's life and our own.

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