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Shamanic journeying

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

There is a lot of myths about shamanic journeying; that it requires rituals and herbs, and that you have to be trained for it. I have conducted three journeys in Sweden, who all came spontaneously, without any plans thereof. This way, as I understand it, my Ego doesn't get in the way (wanting to achieve something), but let healing take place. We do need, however, someone to facilitate the journeying, physically with us.

My first Shamanic journey, was a transpersonal out of body experience, when I danced African dance in spring 2004. It was as if I expanded so much I could touch the ceiling, the walls, and still feel my feet pounding on the floor, anchored in a moment of deep connection with the drummer. My heartbeat becoming the same as the rhythm.

My second Shamanic journey, was at a meditation retreat in 2007, where we sat in a circle. I was given "Shaktipat" by the facilitator, which gave a "push" into my own memories, spiralling into myself as an infant to understand a hurt.

My third Shamanic journey, was in 2008 at a Lomilomi treatment, where the massage therapist facilitated a safe space, where I found my inner child.

These experiences and their lessons, are described further in my book: "The Call for Divine Mothering".

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