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The Bible as my mirror

While I was detained as an immigrant in the United States 2011-12, I often took to the Bible for answers, advice and ways to interpret my predicament. I often participated in services and our own bible study groups. One of the volunteer ministers, a bright woman called Anne, originally working in construction, shared that the Bible is supposed to be our mirror. That we indeed can understand it to be timeless and help us even nowadays. Ever since then, I've randomly flipped open the Bible and found things exactly to the point similar to my current situation or dilemma. The same thing happened today...

I brought the Bible to my desk, to read a little. When i opened it, it showed Psalms 19, which appropriately speaks about the exact thing I blogged about two days ago - about being lit up and how we as humans should have this as our goal, to really see one another, which I also hold true as an actual idea on how to improve our society as a whole. This can of course also be interpreted as simple as to love one another.

Psalms 19:8 reads: "The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes." And here is my blogpost. You can also find mine and others' true stories from Honolulu Detention Center here.

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