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The clue in spirit

I believe that we're all connected through spirit, through which God can direct us when we let Him. Life is like a story with a red thread pulling you forward, or simply to hold on to, through ups and downs. And the spirit of our passed on loved ones can help us by invisible means. A recent example that happened to me, is: Two days ago, I was asked for directions by an elderly couple outside of a building. I answered that I didn't know which floor it was, that they were looking for, but told them to go and ask the guard inside.

Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly felt a little pain in my back and had a weird sensation of something of grey metal. Since I've another appointment coming up following the removal of a mole, I first thought of that. However, today, I realised that I've lost my umbrella! It must have been three days ago. That is made of grey metal. And that the guard had!

Mahalo, as we say in Hawaii (thank you)! Spirits abound :-)

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