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The magic drawing

No matter how I have shuffled the cards, divided them and put them in piles, this card has shown itself to me on top, at least a dozen times these last months. It must carry a message!

When I read about it in "Medicine Inner Guidebook" by Carol Bridges, it says among other things, that it's a competition of power, with people's masks created by fear, and for me to not rest on my former achievements, but to let go, and to leave something as a gift for the next person, to lessen envy and greed. All to dance on it, to not become vindictive and set my spirit free. Then add the deer as a symbol for my family, and that crows greet me daily on my walks. It couldn't be more fitting!

Have you ever tried to do a reading? Rather than assume that you would know or be able to direct guidance to another, do one for yourself, applying the knowledge to your own relationships and situation.

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