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The power of the word

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

"In the beginning was the one that was called the Word. The Word was with God and was truly God." (John 1:1)

I'm a firm believer. I believe that since we have a word for it, it must at least have been true, regardless if I, myself, have ever encountered or experienced it. I believe, simply, that with this also lies endless possibilities through the mix and evolution. By describing a phenomena, we accept and understand it. For example, there must have been some kind of evil doing by witches or they wouldn't have been burned. Did the evil doing stop, or did it become developed into other practices and disguised by a new set of fancy words?

I find it excitingly mindboggling, that once upon a time, people have sat down and decided together what to call what. Pointing at a leaf and calling it a leaf, with names of colors. I like pointing out that Mother Earth would have her colors, regardless of what we might call them, and in which ever language, but it's also true that we give power to all her beauty by the word. Which also became the Word, the Bible.

I took Latin in my Swedish High school, so I grew a bit of understanding of how our languages are built on the same grammatical and verbal structure first, and then morphed into the various languages based on dialects. This is also why for example New Zealand and Hawaii have some similar words, they simply met and created them. Just like the neighboring countries of Denmark and Norway can be understood in Sweden.

This fascinates me. And it's such a gift to learn more English for my profession as a copywriter and translator, since English holds a much grander vocabulary, enabling me to find and express, nuances that I otherwise wouldn't be able to, including getting more use for my Swedish.

With our words, we are co-creating.

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