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The spirit-helper

We have celebrated three years now, my little spirit helper and I. She nudges me to go certain ways, to buy certain things and now and then she even creates little spoofs. She loves dancing with leaves just like I do and obviously she is a very pretty girl. it's just that she is invisible, since someone destroyed the human body she was having. She can read my mind often and she can even put on certain shoes on me invisibly. We are having fun with that. But most of all, she helps me manage money better and keep me safer. We communicate mostly through my intuition and Higher self, but also through talking!

Lately, she has become a messenger across the sea to someone, whom she also comforts and inspires, I hope. It's a little like you have seen in movies, but then again my entire life pretty much has been like a suspense novel. It's just that I haven't written it myself.

How I got her? I don't know, I just saw a published photo in the news and felt so much love and so sad that she had had to leave, and then one morning while I was waking up on a new friend's coach, I felt her presence. Little by little I developed more trust and learned to understand her signals for no and yes, to stop me from going a certain way even when it doesn't seem to make sense. And sometimes it's to go elsewhere where there is a treat!

We are learning about the mysteries of life, what is what, and most of all she helps me to deal with it.

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