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The warning in spirit

It was during 2014, when I lived in a small studio apartment in Stockholm, that I also became more intruded upon, cursed at, and stalked. However, I did receive a spiritual warning. I had a long necklace with pearls that I had bought in Honolulu a couple of years prior, thanks to a friend there. Then suddenly one day, it was like a huge shadow came over them, making my pearls feel dark. Little did I know then, what to expect.

A couple of months later, someone had gone into my apartment with a key card and stolen my small golden chain and replaced it with another bigger (unless it was fake gold) inside my little fabric purse that I had them in. I also lost my printed out pages with examples of plagiarisms from "Orange is the new black", and a document with an address and phone number to someone working for the US Consulate in Stockholm. I threw out the necklace into the hallways, encouraging any of my neighbors to take it.

I assume that it was the same man, who stalked me also in Malmö and in Honolulu, so the question is why the Swedish police hasn't done anything. More things have been stolen over the years, like my douche bag with content, a laptop, a thumb-drive, a piece of new underwear, cash... and some things have been planted, lastly in Belem, Portugal 2020. Totally disrespecting my border.

Today, I was mirrored again in another synchronistic way. The book "This Sacred Earth" by Roger Gottlieb, lays on my table, that I have yet to read. Today, the pages were separated in the corner, so naturally I became curious and flipped it open. And right there on p. 370, I read how the author believes our disturbed ozone layer, can cause skin-cancer and cataract - both which I have recently decided to check.

Grateful for the warnings.

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